Call It A Public Diary.

“The desire to write grows with writing.” – Desideruis Erasmus

It’s taken time, but I’m here. Finally, after months of wondering whether or not to start writing again, I have decided to put pen to paper – or rather, fingertips to keyboard. I have an abundance of subjects that I want to join into one and publish, but I’ll avoid causing a headache or two.

Let’s talk about why it took me so long to get here.

Writing feels right, of course; why else would this page exist? It’s always been my passion since I was small. I get lost in my own little world; with a cup of tea by my side and my salt lamp painting my bedroom walls with a warm, comfy, pastel red glow as I blissfully allow my mind to spill its electro-chemical reactions onto the pixelated page. I’ve ceaselessly loved writing, but I’ve never felt ready to post my literary pieces – until now.

I presume winter is what hindered the advancement of my recent aspiration of publishing literature. In the winter months, I, like many other people I’m sure, become consistently tired and disinterested in most things, and I also have an overwhelming desire to stay in bed all day and sleep. That’s not to say that since winter has vacated I’ve become distant with my bed; our relationship together is still going sublimely. But it is to say that when you’re snuggled up in your duvet with just enough energy to even consider rolling onto your other side, you won’t get much done. I suppose you could say I’m not unlike a hamster; I’m small, introverted, and I pretty much hibernate in the brumal phase!

Luckily, we’re in the middle of spring now, and I’m back to my usual, peachy self. Moreover, I feel I could defeat my inevitable urge to hibernate this upcoming winter by focusing on my avidity for creating literature. Obviously that won’t be all I’ll do when winter arrives. I’ll help myself a little better by pushing myself to leave my memory foam mattress and warmth-enveloping, soft duvet to instead take a walk or a jog outside once winter encroaches on autumn. I was lazy this time around; it’s not going to happen again, and nothing beats a breath – or in fact a wheeze, of fresh air!

I have some works of fiction I’ve created in the past that lay subdued within the documents folder of my computer. Maybe one day I’ll publish them to this site for others to read. But for now, I’m happy to create new literary pieces and start blogging a little more often. I’m content with improving my confidence and consistency in writing. I’m ready to allow the pink mushy mess inside my skull to emit a series of affixed letters onto a blank page for all to see.

I’m not saying I want to become a full-time blogger, or someone who posts every day – employment and other matters in my life take priority over this. Creating and publishing literary works on occasion gives me more than enough satisfaction and is essentially one of my ambitions come true. The fact that people may choose to read my content is just an added bonus.

Call it a public diary.